Year 2/3

Welcome to 2/3


We are well and truly in to Term 3 and there are lots of exciting events to look forward.


Here is a little information on what students are learning in class:


With recently having school holidays and our whole school Athletics Carnival at Casey Fields, our learners have an abundance of experiences, information and knowledge to put into their writing and to share with their friends and teachers. Our focus for writing is on recounts, descriptive and letter writing. We are spending a lot of time on rereading and editing our work as a part of the writing process and giving our pieces a creative title when publishing.


Wandering through our classrooms during our CAFE and Daily 5 programs you will hear the hum of our busy learners as they work collaboratively in their reading groups. Learners are embracing the leadership roles where they take on specific roles such as being a Leader, Predictor, Clarifier, Questioner or Summariser, exploring a mix of fiction and non-fiction texts with support from their classroom teacher.


All classes are currently reading the first book in a Sally Rippin series, called Polly and Buster. Polly and Buster have forged an unlikely friendship and throughout the book students are enjoying delving deeper into their friendship and their feelings.


Maths continues to incorporate tuning in games at the start of lessons, where students have the opportunity to practice and refine their skills. Hands on and real life experiences are being used in lessons for students to make connections between maths concepts and everyday life. We have been fortunate in having Michael Ymer visit our classrooms again this this term, sharing his passion for mathematics in a fun and inclusive environment.  


Our Inquiry unit this term is Earth Science, with a focus on ‘How does the Earth’s rotation on its axis, cause regular changes?’


Some of the key questions we will be investigating are


  • How are shadows formed?
  • What do shadows tell us about how the Earth and Sun move?
  • What reliable patterns exist on Earth and why?
  • Why does the sun look so small?
  • What effect does our Earth’s rotation and revolution have?


Through this we will be discussing concepts such as night and day and the movements and size of the Moon, Sun and Earth.


We are continuing our work in Digital Technology with all classes having two explicit lessons a week. Students are learning to use the many features and tools in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher, and will also be spending some time on learning where the keys are on a keyboard to improve their speed in typing. Students are exploring coding with a range of technology, including the use of BeeBots. A part of our everyday technology experience is through the use of the SeeSaw app on the iPads. It was a great thrill for students to share their classroom learning with parents at our parent/ teacher/ student led conferences. We look forward to the increased use of this app and all the functions it has available to us in connecting and sharing our school learning to our everyday learning at home.


A reminder that Homework is sent home on a Friday and is due in on a Thursday the following week. It is expected that Grade 3 students complete their homework each week and for Grade 2 students to be reading 3 nights a week or for 30 minutes a week. Homework is a fantastic way for students to consolidate their learning, promote strong work habits and develop vital organisational skills that will be used in the future.



Weekly Specialist Timetable






2/3 K




2/3 M




2/3 G




Reminders and Notices for Term 3:


Wednesday Afternoons - Foot Steps Dance Workshops


Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th August – Bookfair


Friday 10th August - Year 3/4 Hooptime


Friday 17th August – Curriculum Day (Student Free)


Thursday 30th August – District Athletics


Beginning Wednesday 12th September – Prep-2 Swimming Program


Thursday 13th September - Art Show


Thursday 20th September - School Disco


Friday 21st September – Footy Day and Meal Deal



As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your classroom teacher.
Mrs Feher, Mrs. Wendt, Mrs. Renshaw, Miss. Greenaway and Mr. Mason.