Year 4

Welcome Back to Term 3
We hope you all enjoyed seeing some of the work your child is proud of during the student-led parent teacher interviews.  It was great to see how well students did in leading these conferences!  Year 4CL students have already settled back into the school routine for Term 3.  We have welcomed two new class members, ‘Charlie and Sultana’ (our Spiny Leaf Insects) and most students are excited about having the opportunity to care for them and take them home for a weekend visit.  Some of the exciting events we will be participating in this Term are the Athletics Carnival, the Footsteps Dance Program and our campat Allambee Camp!!

For this term, Mrs Loulier will be teaching 4CL on Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays and Ms Cutler will be teaching on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Weekly Schedule:
Tuesdays:                     Open Learning
Digital Technology
Wednesdays:               Footsteps Dance Program
                                        Art with Mrs Sally Fay
Thursdays:                    Inquiry
Physical Education with Mrs Sarah Deveny
                                        Homework due
Fridays:                        Coding
                                       Assembly (3:00pm)
Our Earth Science Inquiry topic this term is ‘What’s Beneath Our Feet?’ which links to the Victorian Curriculum descriptor ‘Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity (VCSSU062)’.  We will be examining different types of rocks and soils and investigating what our Earth is made up of. 
Digital Technology and Seesaw
This term we will be learning about how participate in online forums safely, using email to communicate and working on our word processing and typing skills. Our coding lessons will include Bee-Bots & Blue-Bots as well as Laptops and iPads.  Seesaw will be up and running for parents to view the various tasks that your child is working on at school. 
Homework will continue to be given on a Friday and due back on the following Thursday.  It is expected that students read at least 1 hour a week.  Please ensure your child is filling in the time in his/her diary and sign their diary and homework once completed.     
Special Events/Important Dates:
23rd July                         Whole School Athletics Carnival
6th-8th August                Book Fair
9th August                      3/4 Hooptime
17th August                   Curriculum Day (Student free day)
5th-7th Sept.                  Year 4 Camp to Allambee (Yarragon)
13th September            Art Show
20th September            School Disco
21st September            Last day Term 3 with 2:30 dismissal time. 
We appreciate your continued support and please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions!

Thanks, Andrea and Jacqui