Year 1/2

TERM 3 2021


Hi everyone and welcome back to Term 3. Can you believe it’s the second half of the year already? I hope you all had a lovely break and are well rested for a busy term ahead.




Reading this term will cover a range of strategies from our CAFE program, largely focusing on comprehension and accuracy alongside our Daily 5 reading choices. Students will be expected to read their satchel books daily at home and for reading to be recorded into their diaries. This will be counted towards their 'Nights of Reading'. We strongly encourage all students to keep their diary in their satchel and brought to school every day. The diary is expected to be handed in to their teacher each week. At this stage (end of Term 2), we would hope that your child has reached 60 reading nights, which is an average of 3 reading nights per week.  


Our Numeracy focus will be finalising our last few weeks on subtraction (pushed back due to Remote Learning) and beginning Data and Representation such as tally marks, graphs and interpreting graphs. Following on from subtraction, we will begin multiplication and money. The second half term focus will be on fractions, volume and capacity. Open Learning will continue first week back. 


Writing will have a continued focus on Narratives and we will move on to Information Reports later in the term. As always, our VOICES program provides students with essential writing skills and we will be looking into each of these traits throughout the term. Sound Waves remains a core focus for spelling and expanding students’ vocabulary.


Our Inquiry focus this term is Physical Science. Students will be exploring light and sound. 


Digital Technologies will have a continued focus on computer skills such as Word Documents, saving work, USB use and typing. 



















Important Dates: (Please note: these dates are subject to change due to Covid Restrictions)


Wednesday 28th July- Student Led Conferences

Wednesday 4th August- Responsible Pet Incursion

Wednesday 11th August- Grandparents day

Thursday 12th August- School Disco

Friday 13th August- Curriculum day

Monday 16th August- SES visit

Wednesday 25th August- Father’s day stall

Thursday 26th August- Father’s day breakfast

Week 9 and 10- Swimming


Kind Regards,


1/2 Team


Mr. Marsland, Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Loulier