Year 5/6

Welcome to Remote Learning in Term 2.

We hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable holiday given the circumstances we find ourselves.

This term will be a challenge for students, parents and teachers, as we adjust to this new style of learning and teaching away from the classrooms. We have been working extremely hard to create learning tasks that are accessible for each student’s needs and will provide an opportunity for them to develop as a learner.

Our main channel of communication will be through Seesaw, but students are also able to access their Google accounts and send emails to their teachers. There will always be staff members at school to respond to any phone calls if required. We encourage that parents continue to give their feedback to their student’s teacher on how they are tracking with activities at home, so we can create a positive partnership between school and home. Please note that teachers are available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 3:30pm.

Our timetable will run as normal, covering all curriculum areas as planned.

Reading this term, will focus on making connections. This is done in 3 different ways and we will be exploring Text to Self, Text and World connections in greater depth.

Writing will have a focus on editing skills, looking at different way in which we can edit and critique a piece of writing and figurative and descriptive language through a variety of text types.

Maths has a strong focus on Division, where we have divided (pun intended) students into their ability groups and teaching to a targeted point of need. We will also be covering units of chance and measurement through conducting experiments and trials.

Inquiry is looking at Earth Science, more specifically the Solar System and Space.

Throughout Home Learning, students will still be experiencing Auslan, Physical Education and Art lessons once a week.

As mentioned earlier, this will be a challenging term for us all, but just know that we have your child’s best intentions at heart. There will be good days and there will be bad days, but we are all in this together, and together we will make this work.

Mr Mason, Ms Cutler, Ms Greenaway and Mrs Kingston.