Year 5/6

Welcome back to Term 4! We will begin the term with 1 week of Remote Learning, and then school will recommence on-site for all Primary year levels F-6 on October 12th. Us teachers eagerly await the return!


This term we will continue to have high expectations and make strong progress towards learning goals. We have been working extremely hard to improve learning tasks that are accessible for each student’s needs and will provide an opportunity for them to develop further as a learner.


This term we will be covering the following subject areas and have a strong focus on student wellbeing.

Reading this term, will have a focus on inferring and synthesising. As well as maintaining reading groups, with a focus on Non-Fiction texts and targeted teaching on specific reading related skills for students. This is all achievable through our strong reading programs and the use of the SOSA Wheel and strategies; looking within, about and beyond the text.

Writing will have a continued focus on editing skills, looking at different ways in which we can edit and critique a piece of writing. We will also be covering public speaking and biographies, with the greatly anticipated Wax Museum! As always, our VOICES program provides students with essential writing skills and we will be looking into each of these traits. Sound Waves remains a core focus for spelling and expanding students vocabulary.

Maths has a strong focus on Number, Place Value, Money and Financial Maths. We will recommence Open Learning and students will be split into their ability groups and learning to a targeted point of need. We will also be addressing Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in our Maths lessons.

Inquiry is looking at Geography this term.

Digital Technologies will see students working collaboratively using online programs to design websites and digital models of places.

Students will still be accessing Physical Education and Art lessons once a week.

As a team we discussed the importance of Leadership and have allocated time to build up students skills in this area and being a positive role model within the school and wider community.


We look forward to having all students return to school and reaching their full potential.


Mr Mason, Ms Cutler, Ms Greenaway and Mrs Kingston.