Year 5/6


TERM 4 2022

Can you believe it is Term 4 already? We got through winter without Online Learning! It is an exciting term, the final one at    Nar Nar Goon Primary School for our Year 6’s.


Reading - This term we will be reading ‘The Giver’ as our cohort novel. Our focus will centre on the main character/s and their thoughts, feelings and decision making throughout the text.

Our Numeracy focus this term will be on Multiplication, Shape, Location and Transformation, and Data Representation. Students will have the opportunity this term to revisit topics previously taught throughout the year to build on their skills. We will commence Open Learning in week 1 and students will be split into their ability groups, learning to a targeted point of need. 

Writing this term will include Narratives, Poetry and Letter Writing. As always, our VOICES program provides students with essential writing skills and we will be looking into each of these traits throughout the term. Sound Waves remains a core focus for spelling and expanding students’ vocabulary.

Our Inquiry focus this term is Geography. Students will be exploring a range of different countries from multiple continents and comparing living conditions, values and ways of life to that of Australia.

In Digital Technologies, students will be finalising their project from Term 3 and presenting it to their peers. Students will also be looking at skills using Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets.



End Of Year Event


State-wide Transition Day

Year 6 Celebration Week


Kind Regards,

5/6 Team

Mr. Marsland and Mrs. Kingston