Year 5/6

Welcome back to the 2021 school year. We are so excited to see everyone's faces. We hope you all enjoyed a well-deserved summer holiday. 


This term will be a busy one! We will be starting with swimming and 5/6 sport straight away in Week 3!

More information will be sent home in the coming weeks. 


This term we will be covering the following subject areas:


Reading this term, will have a focus on Inferring, Synthesising and Connections. As well as maintaining reading groups, with a focus on Fictional texts and targeted teaching on specific reading related skills for students. This is all achievable through our strong reading programs and the use of the SOSA Wheel and strategies; looking within, about and beyond the text. Our cohort novel is Boy Overboard, by Morris Gleitzman.

Writing will have a focus on ideas and organisation, looking at different ways to write texts on a similar topic. As always, our VOICES program provides students with essential writing skills and we will be looking into each of these traits. Sound Waves remains a core focus for spelling and expanding students vocabulary.

Maths has a strong focus on Number, Place Value and Problem Solving. We hope to begin Open Learning this term.

Inquiry is looking at Australian History this term, specifically immigration. Students will investigate the nations that helped build Australia into the multicultural nation that it is. Our History Box incursion will be in Week 2. 

Digital Technologies will see students working on their responsible and respectful conduct while online.

Students will still be accessing Physical Education and Art lessons once a week.

As a team we discussed the importance of Leadership and have allocated time to build up students skills in this area and being a positive role model within the school and wider community.


We are looking to a wonderful Term One and seeing all of our senior students. 


Mrs. Cutler, Miss Greenaway, Mrs. Kingston and Mrs. Lowe