Year 5/6

Welcome to Term 3 in 5/6C and 5/6H!


Term 2 was jam packed full of learning as we settled into our weekly routines, and of course, lots of new experiences as well. We had some special sustainability specific incursions, with the Grade 6’s learning all about composting/recycling and the Grade 5’s examining Nar Nar Goon’s biodiversity rating while learning about local flora and fauna. Along with the Friday 5/6 interschool sport sessions, we also got to run long distance at Cross Country and throw/jump/run/hop/skip/hurdle at the Athletics Carnival. It was lovely to have both mothers and grandparents visit the classrooms this term, the students were extra proud of their handmade dreamcatchers they made with their mums for Mother’s Day, and they stepped up to show their grandparents around the school grounds on Grandparent’s Day. Grade 6 camp was by all accounts, absolutely terrific and everyone had a great time testing their teamwork skills (and bravery) on the different obstacles/activities. We finished the term by exploring Healesville Sanctuary, the Grade 6’s were incredible role models on this excursion by looking after their Prep buddies with lots of patience and caring as we visited all the adorable Australian Animals.


Now I don’t know how we can possibly top all that in Term 3, but looking at what is coming up in the calendar, I think we can!


Our very popular lunchtime clubs will be happening again this term:






Singing and/or Board Games




Indoor Sport


Quick homework reminder: Diaries are due every Thursday for 5/6H and either Monday or Thursday for 5/6C, with the expectation that students are reading at least 60 minutes every week (the diary is to be signed by a parent/guardian and state the book title and time spent reading). We are tracking student’s nights read carefully (20 minutes counts as 1 night) and are very excited to see that we already have some students above 125 nights read already!

As a cohort students will also receive individual homework projects throughout the term, relating to the work being done in the class.


Be sure to keep an eye on all the wonderful work and learning our students are doing in the SeeSaw app. This is such a positive and engaging way to be a part of your child’s learning, with the opportunity to view photos of work, listen to learning reflections and provide written feedback to your child. If you wish to get into contact with your classroom teacher, the Seesaw app also has the ability to send private messages directly to the teacher, if you need any assistance with this or anything else please ask.


Open Learning Will be continuing as normal, starting in Week 2, and it is still fantastic to see parents come in to participate in this school-wide numeracy program. If you wish to come in and assist on Tuesday mornings 9am-10am, please let Mrs Cutler know (all you need is a working with children check, which is easily acquired – further detail found here:


Relevant dates

Monday 15th July to Friday 19th July - NAIDOC week

Wednesday 31st July – ‘Aborigine for a day’ incursion

Thursday 8th August - Disco

Monday 12th August – 5/6 Hooptime

Thursday 22nd August – Family health Sessions 6-8:30pm

Friday 30th August – Father’s Day Breakfast

Friday 30th August – Father’s Day Stall

Saturday 14th September – Trivia Night (Fundraiser)

Friday 20th September – Footy Day


As you can see Term 3 looks to be just as full as Term 2 (so please keep an eye out for any notices coming home and their due dates). As always if you have any further questions please feel free to contact your classroom teacher,


Ms Cutler, Ms Hope and Miss Greenaway