Year 5/6

Welcome back for Term 3! This is the term where BIG things happen, and we see lots of growth in our students. We are really looking forward to seeing just how far they can go. 


We will continue to have high expectations and our shared goals are about independent work habits, self motivation and striving for excellence across all areas of school life. Our leaders and senior cohort as a whole have been wonderful so far this year, and we expect that to continue as they move towards the end of their schooling. Our Year 6 students will continue to be excellent role models and show care and consideration towards others. 


This term we will be covering the following subject areas and have a strong focus on student wellbeing.


Reading -  Using strong data from our BAS assessements, CAFE  (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand Vocabulary) program and the SOSA Wheel which will continue shape our groups, we will be analysing novels this term in our individualised grouings, to ensure students are working at their area of need. Using the framework Daily 5, students are encouraged to complete a range of tasks to further their reading comprehension skills, make choices, work independently and extend critical skills. We will also be delving into theme/mood, plot and analysising figurative language. A strong focus on realistic fiction is apparent. Our term novel is Then by Morris Gleitzman.


Writing will have a focus on information reports initially, and then we move into poetry and language. Skills developed will be researching and editing, as well as using precise vocabulary. We encourage students to be creative and find their voice, and write as honestly and genuinely as they can. As always, our VOICES program provides students with essential writing skills and we will be looking into each of these traits throughout the term. Sound Waves remains a linchpin for spelling and expanding students vocabulary. This is being extended this term with a strong focus on not only understanding new vocabulary, but begining to use it in our speaking and writing. Part of our core work will be examining new words with a stonger emphasis on synonyms, antonyms and how they improve speaking and writing.  


Maths has a strong focus on Number and Place Value, specifically Patterns and Algebra.   Students will work through tasks and will be grouped at their point of need, supplemented by our Open Learning program. We will also be addressing Data Representation and Units Of Measurement.There will be critical thinking sessions to tune students in, and work out ways to solve problems. Enabling our students to be creative and confident when dealing with mathematics in real life is a key goal. As always, knowing the times tables remains a critical and expected skill. 


Inquiry this term is looking into Physical Science. More specifically, electricity, how it works and how it is generated. Once we understand the process of converting energy into electricity, we can investigate alternative ways to power our lifestyles. There is a strong hands-on component and students will be given a Homework project this term. The unit will be guided by our Inquiry Model of students taking responsibility of their own learning through Tuning In, Finding Out, Sorting Out, Going Further, Making Connections, Taking Action and Reflection. Learning is something I do, not something that is done to me.


Digital Technologies will see students being safe and responsible online, working collaboratively, utilising coding resources and developing their computer skills. We have a Lego online module to complete, as well as some investigation into the curriculum - Data and Information and Creating Digital Solutions. Students will be exposed to games that promote problem solving and creativity and they will be creating thier own animations and 3D objects. 


Students will also be participating in weekly Art and Physical Education lessons, as well as these being integrated into regular classroom activities. Our Play Is The Way (PITW) and Respectful Relationships program will assist students with identifying and exploring emotions, participating in challenging games and scenarios and recognising what is required for a value to become a virtue. We will look at stereotypes and how to identify and challenge unconscious bias. Our goal is for all our students to understand themselves and use compassion and understanding when dealing with others. 


Students will be expected to read for 60 minutes a week, having written this in their diary, signed by a parent and brought in on Fridays. We strongly encourage all students to keep their diary in their bag and brought to school every day.


Be sure to keep an eye on all of the wonderful work and learning our students are doing in the Seesaw app, as this is a regular feature that students will use throughout the week. This is such a positive and engaging way to be a part of your child’s learning, with the opportunity to view photos of work, listen to learning reflections and provide written feedback to your child.


Important Dates:

14 July - Lightning Premiership

28 July - Student Led Conferences - NO STUDENTS required at school. Remote Learning available

9 August - Book Fair Week

11 August - Grandparents Day - 10-11.30 am

19 August - School Disco

20 August - Curriculum Day - NO STUDENTS required at school

23 August - 25 August - Year 4/5 Camp to Allambee

1 September- Father's Day Stall

2 September - Father's Day Breaky and Year 5/6 Hooptime



As always, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact your classroom teacher.


Thank you,

Ms. Cutler, Mrs. Deveny, Mrs Kingston and Mrs. Lowe