This year, all students at Nar Nar Goon Primary School will be exploring Auslan signs as our LOTE subject with the assistance of Miss Greenaway. Each class will have a 30 minute session every week. The focus initially will be mastering fingerspelling (the alphabet) and some basic greetings and manners. As the students become more confident with the different handshapes and expressing themselves using their face and body, we will begin to explore commonly used vocabulary by learning songs, imaginative role-play, playing games, watching videos and lots of practise!

What is Auslan?

Auslan is Australian Sign Language, the native language of the Australian Deaf community, and is a visual-spatial, natural language with its own grammar and vocabulary.

Auslan has linguistic elements, such as hand shapes (including orientation, location and movement), non-manual features (including eye gaze, facial expressions, arm, head and body postures) and fingerspelling.

Auslan also has its own grammar, which is different from English. Auslan grammar is composed of precise hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements that convey concrete and abstract information.

Why learn Auslan?

Benefits of learning Auslan Incorporating Auslan into the school program has many benefits for both deaf and hearing children.

Sign language can:

  • enhance children’s educational and personal development
  • increase memory retention and motion processing
  • stimulate brain development and mental flexibility
  • increase enjoyment in communicating for both hearing and deaf children.