Visual Arts


Welcome tTerm 1 - Visual Arts 2024!


We are very excited for our students to unleash their creativity this year in the Art Room by exploring a range of skills, techniques, and projects together.


The Foundation students are learning all about using equipment and materials in the Art Room to express their thoughts and ideas in creative ways. They are learning about primary and secondary colours and how line and shape can be used to create detailed pieces of art.


The Year One and Two students will be exploring the elements of art including line, shape, colour, texture, and space. They will use a variety of paints and tools to explore and experiment with mark making and printmaking while responding to the works of a variety of artists.


Year Three and Four students this term will be creatively exploring the elements of art and collage using paper skills to explore lines and shapes. They will explore colour, texture, and develop an awareness of backgrounds. Students will combine their collage and paper construction skills to make three-dimensional artwork and respond to a variety of artists including Australian artist Kasey Rainbow.


The Year Five and Six students will be focusing on the elements and principles of art and drawing this term. They will build on the principles of pattern, contrast, and movement by adding emphasis to their artwork. Students will explore a range of drawing techniques with line, shape, colour, mark making, and rubbings. They will explore a variety of art styles including graffiti and pop art inspired by the artist Roy Lichtenstein.


If you are visiting our school, feel free to come along to the Art Room and immerse yourself in the creativity happening.


Mrs Feher and Mrs Loulier


‘Every child is an artist’, Pablo Picasso.












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