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Term 2 2021  News from the Art Room


Term One has seen some terrific work produced in the Art Room. The students have taken pride in their achievements and helped keep our school a colourful one.


The Prep children have participated in activities which have helped them become familiar with the Art Room and how it runs. The students have been introduced to how the sketch books are valued. They have learned to use the different materials and have had the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Term Two will see a continued focus on Art Experience. The students will have the opportunity to use different materials and tools in a safe manner. The understanding of primary and secondary colours will be enhanced and they will continue to experience a variety of activities to develop creativity.


The Year One and Two students have completed a focus on colour and collage  in Term One. Their main project has been their Collage faces which are displayed around the school. In Term Two their focus will be Textiles. They will be completing a piece of work using threads and hessian. The students have begun work in their sketch books and gain enjoyment from using these.


The Year Three and Four students have completed a term’s work on Colour. They have created colour wheels, and designs using warm and cool colours. This has worked in well with their ‘drawing dictation’ done in black markers giving them a base picture to colour. Their main project has been blowing colourful inks to create faces with crazy hair. These pictures are now adding colour to the display boards in our school. Term Two will see these students work in Construction. They will be using cardboard shapes and plaster sheeting to create models. Drawing will also be a focus for the term.


This year in Art Theory, the Year Five and Six students will look at different styles in Art. In Term One they have been introduced to Abstract work and Impressionism. They also revisited the Pop Art style covered during lockdown. In activity time, these students have been creating art to enhance their understanding of the Elements of Art, for example line and pattern work and drawing with one colour to develop an understanding of tone. In Term Two they will be involved in activities which link to the understanding of Art Elements, but using a variety of different mediums and tools.


If you are visiting our school, feel free to come along to the Art Room and immerse yourself in the creativity happening.










        Art Room News - Term One 2021            ART IMAGE


This year the Art teachers are Mr Rod Wyatt teaching Foundation on Fridays and Sally Fay teaching Years One to Six on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


We aim for our Art Room to be a caring, positive, interesting environment where creativity is nurtured and imaginations allowed to flow. Our program is planned to allow our students to achieve their artistic potential whilst developing their skills and understanding. Where possible the activities in the Art Room will link with classroom topics.


The Foundation students will begin the year learning about the fundamentals of the Art Room, how lessons can operate so we can be safe, have fun, learn and let imaginations flow. The students will experience different tools and materials through a variety of different activities.


The focus for Year One and Two students is creating and making. They will begin the year revisiting the classroom guidelines looking at what makes a safe, happy learning environment. Colour and Painting will be the main focus this term. They will decorate their sketchbook front covers when learning about the colour wheel. They will also learn about drawing self portraits.

The focus for the Year Three and Four students is exploring and responding using different methods and tools. The students will design and decorate their sketch book front covers therefore learn about lettering. The main topic for the term will be Collage. The students will also learn about different ways to create self portraits.


The focus for Years Five and Six will be working independently, experimenting and applying different techniques. They will be encouraged to plan, develop and refine their work. Also to reflect on their efforts and the efforts of others. The students will design their sketchbook front covers using different forms of lettering. They will be involved in a variety of activities which will reinforce the understanding of the Elements of Art, particularly line, pattern, colour and value. This year the upper grades will look at famous artists. This term they will look at Australian artists Pro Hart and Sidney Nolan.


We will aim for lessons at each grade level to involve formal and informal share time where students can learn from each other, appreciate differences and celebrate achievements. Responding to Art will be encouraged and nurtured in line with Student Voice. The students will be encouraged to appraise their own efforts through self evaluation. They will be encouraged to look at Art and express what they can SEE, what they KNOW and what they WONDER.


The Year Six Art Captains will assist in the art being displayed and for our school buildings and surrounds to be colourful and inviting. We look forward to a great year in the Art Room and welcome visitors.