Visual Arts


TERM 4 2020


We would like to begin by congratulating all our students on such a fine effort completing their online remote Art lessons during Term Three. The quality of work was fantastic. The creativity expressed was admirable, particularly through a quite challenging time. The pictures created from the ‘Mr Squiggle’ lines were great. The detail some students included in their collage work was also excellent. The opportunity was created for Art time to become a family affair, or at least a share time with siblings. Well done everyone, parents included!


During Term 4 the Prep students will continue with different Art experiences which will include threading and weaving with paper, modelling using clay, creating a 2020 Foundation banner and a Christmas activity. At different times we will continue to work in the students’ sketchbooks.


Textiles will be the main focus for the Year 1/2 students. They will be using needles and thread to create artwork whilst learning about the ‘ins and outs’ of applying thread. The students will also continue a variety of activities using their sketchbooks.

The Year 3/4 students will begin the term with decorating a box with paper and learning about Decoupage. The will also do a unit on painting, looking at different techniques and ways to apply the paint to gain different effects.


The Year 5 and 6 students will also complete a unit on Textiles using felt as a backing and a variety of threads, beads, patterned materials and sewing techniques. The Year 5 students will complete a ‘Dammit Doll’ and the Year 6 students will complete their graduation pillows. The process involves designing, planning and collecting materials. The term will be completed with some Christmas activities.


Rod and I look forward to having face to face contact with the students again. We look forward to being involved with offering opportunities for creativity to bloom, to observe and guide it, to have classroom discussions and to listen to the banter as Art is created.


Wishing everyone a great Term 4.

Sally and Mr Wyatt




Art Drawing


Sally Fay and Rod Wyatt