Visual Arts


ART Term 3


Greetings from our Art Room.


We’d like to begin with congratulating all the students (and supporting families) for the fine efforts during remote learning in Term 2. The Art which the children presented was very creative.


As you would appreciate, our planning for Term 3 has been adjusted to enable Art activities to occur at home. The materials needed may include pencils, scissors, tape, textas, markers also paper, cardboard, foil or things found in the garden. Each child has been given their sketch books and an Art Pack with certain supplies. The tasks will be published on Seesaw each THURSDAY for Prep students and WEDNESDAY for years 1 to 6. The students will have the week to complete the tasks and submit photos of their work in their activity page on Seesaw. Rod and I will respond to those forwarded to us and record the efforts of the students.


We aim for the students to find this term’’s home activities fun, stimulating, and a portal for them to display and expand on their creativity.


Activities will include drawing, collage, cutting, folding, learning about the colour wheel, (primary, secondary and tertiary colours), creating paints from household products, using natural materials, and stretching the imagination with Mr Squiggle drawing sheets.


An Artist of the Week will be allocated in each upper grade and art work will be shared.

In Term 2 the upper grades were given art dice games to stimulate drawing ideas. These can be played solo or as a group or family activity, eg creating Picasso faces. Another family game to stimulate drawing skills and have a laugh is Pictionary.


Remember to allow the children to be creative using what materials they can. There are also excellent art shows on The ABC Education which will support the learning.


Wishing you all the best through these different times.







Art Drawing


Sally Fay and Rod Wyatt