Welcome to the 2024 school year. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jackie Lowe and I will be teaching STEM across the school. I am super excited to work with all the students at our  wonderful school this year. I am anticipating a teriffic year!

STEM was introduced in 2023 and was a highlight for many students here at NNG! 


STEM for kids develops creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors.

All students will be exposed to the design process allowing time to question the problem, brainstorm, plan, create, test and reflect on their work. 


Although Term 1 is a short one, we have plenty planned from designing pirate ships, LEGO coding, designing and creating 3d shapes, using a variety of materials and much more!


STEM allows time for students to build their capacity to collaboratively work with others and to use their creative thinking. We also focus on problem solving skills and how to apply these to real life problems. 


Each term, you can find a short introduction on what you can expect your child/ren to be learning here on the school website. I am also available at school on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday if you would like to pop in and ask any questions before or after school. Alternatively, can also message me via Seesaw. You will also see student updates and work uploaded from me :)


Looking forward to a fantastic term. 

Hope you all enjoyed a welll deserved summer break.

Bring on 2024!


Mrs. Lowe







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