Hello parents and students!

Welcome to Term 3!

We are excited for another fun filled term of STEM!

STEM for kids develops creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors.

All students will be exposed to the design process allowing time to question the problem, brainstorm, plan, create, test, and reflect on their work. 


This term the Foundation sudents will be introduced to Lego coding and we will be focusing on improving our skills using iPads with a strong focus of our whole school app Seesaw, as well as being introduced to the use of 'Code a Pillar' which is an application used to introduce fundamental concepts of computer programming. 

We will also be looking at the Olypmic Games later on in the term. 


The Year 1/2 students will be extending their knowledge of coding through the use of our Essential Lego Coding kits. 

Our design and technologies will highly focus on the Olympics in Paris. 


The 3/4 cohort will also be extending their knowledge through LEGO coding. The students in 3/4 will also be heavily focusing on design activities related to the Olympics as well. 

Learning Snapshots will be sent home this term showcasing their work. 


Finally, the year 5/6 cohort will be completing a unit on the Paralympics. Students in 5/6 will create a prosthetic leg and trial this by running a rely race. 

Learning Snapshots will be sent home this term showcasing their work. 


It’s a busy term but looking forward to many highlights in each cohort. Make sure to keep an eye out on Seesaw for photo updates.


Any questions or comments, please feel free to call me at school Monday, Tuesday or Thursday or send a message over Seesaw!


Jackie Lowe

STEM Teacher







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