Our Philosophy and Vision

School Vision:


At Nar Nar Goon Primary School, our strong sense of community and high expectations enable students, staff and families to thrive.


We live and breathe our vision. 


In our welcoming and nurturing community, we foster a desire to achieve excellence. We foster the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes which breed success, both at school and at home.  We aim to provide opportunities for all students to become hard-working and have goals and aspirations.

Nar Nar Goon Primary School provides high-quality teachers who are motivated to constantly offer best-practice strategies, have a willingness to learn and collaborate with each other to ensure success for all their sudents.

Our school is a vibrant and inclusive place of learning.


We value excellence, respect, responsibility, honesty and persistence.  

1. Excellence
All members of our school community are encouraged and supported to have the highest of expectations in themeslves and to consistently strive for their personal best.
2. Respect
All members of our school community value integrity and a strong strenght of character. We respond sensitively to the ideas, thoughs and needs of other people and their cultures. Differences are acknowledged and we accept diversity, and celebrate this in our community and our dealings with others. We genuinely collaborate and work with others to achieve shared goals.
3. Responsibility
All members of our school community work hard to take ownership of their actions and behaviours. They complete tasks to the best of their ability. They take care of their environment and each other.
4. Honesty
All members of our school community carry out responsibilities truthfully and with integrity. We share ideas openly in a climate of trust, and at all times, work towards upholding clear moral and ethical codes in all situations.
5. Persistence
All members of our school community approach tasks willingly and with a determination to succeed. At all times, we are required to be resilient and keep going, despite any difficulties or challenges that present.  

Our values are based on our desire to nurture an environment based on the development of positive relationships between all members of the school and wider community, and the pursuit of excellence with an emphasis on persistence and effort in achieving personal best.

The programs of, and teaching in, the school both support and promote the principles and practices of Australian democracy including a commitment to:

  • An elected government.

  • The rule of law.

  • Equal rights for all before the law.

  • Freedom of religion.

  • Freedom of speech and association.

  • The values of openness and tolerance.

Statements which affirm the school’s principles are found in the vision of the school and in documents such as our information handbooks.


Enactment of school philosophy

In all documents, in all practice by students and teachers, in work with the School Council and the community, in all teaching and learning programs, in all school initiatives, in all internal and external interactions, in all organisational structures and practices the vision of the school will sit at the centre and there will be expectations about all work aligning with the school vision.  Regular evaluation processes will be in place to measure performance in all areas of the school with respect to the implementation of the vision and values of the school.

A detailed list of school policies will sit within this vision to support our philosophy.


Our Purpose

To equip the school with the best human and physical resources to maximise the opportunities for all members of the school community to achieve excellence.


Our purpose is supported by the following mission:

For our students

  • To provide the opportunity for all students to achieve their full educational and personal potential

For our staff

  • To provide opportunities for staff development through ongoing professional growth in a supportive, harmonious and challenging environment

For our community

  • To provide an environment for learning that reflects and supports our community's goals and values
Child Safe Standards:
Nar Nar Goon Primary School is committed to child safety.
  • We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers.
  • We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children.
  • We have zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently with our robust policies and procedures.
  • We have legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child’s safety, which we follow rigorously.
  • Our school is committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks.
  • Our school has robust human resources and recruitment practices for all staff and volunteers.
  • Our schools is committed to regularly training and educating our staff and volunteers on child abuse risks.
  • We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers. We are committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from a culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to providing a safe environment for children with a disability.
  • We have specific policies, procedures and training in place that support our leadership team, staff and volunteers to achieve these commitments.

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