Camp, Excursion, Incursion & Other School Notices

Camps, Excursions and Activities                            

Term 1
Yr5/6 Inter School Sports - Term 1

Yr3-6 House Swimming Carnival - 11th Feb

District Swimming (Squad) - 24th Feb

Division Swimming (Squad) - 10th Mar

Yr5/6 Ligtning Prem - 19th Mar

Yr5/6 Talk About It Program - 26th - 28th April

Term 2

Yr5/6 Inter School Sports - Term 2

District Cross Country (Squad) - 7th May

Yr6 Camp to Waratah Beach - 26th - 28th May

Division Cross Country (Squad) - 2nd June**Postponed until further notice***

Y4/5 Camp to Allambee 2nd June - 4th June ***Postponed until further notice***
Prep Myuna Farm - 10th June ***Postponed until further notice*** 

Yr5/6 Winter Lightning Prem - 11th June **Postponed until further notice***



Term 3

Yr5/6 Winter Lightning Prem - 14th July **Cancelled**

F-2 Swimming Program - Week beginning Monday 6th September **Cancelled**

Term 4

Yr2 Sleepover, 7th - 8th October
Prep Myuna Farm - 8th November **New Date**