TERM 1 2019


Welcome to 2019 from the ART ROOM! This year Rod Wyatt will be teaching a Prep grade and 1/2 grades on Mondays and Sally Fay will be in teaching on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Although Prep children and 1/2 children will have different teachers, they will be covering similar topics in their sessions. All children will be given their own sketch books.

The Prep students will begin their year becoming used to the running of the Art Room. They will experience using different materials. They will learn where things belong, and how we pack up. Their activities will reinforce correct and safe use of tools such as scissors and glue sticks.

In Term 1 the students of Years 1/2 will be involved in a unit on Printing using a variety of methods. They will also revisit the correct use of their sketch books and participate in some drawing dictation activities.

The 3/4 students will be introduced to the Elements of Art, also the primary and secondary colours. They will be involved in activities aimed at developing their drawing skills using a variety of tools.

The 5/6 students will design the front covers of their sketch books. They will look at the Elements of Art and complete activities to reinforce their understanding of each element.

The Art Extension Program will continue this year. In Term 1 six Year Three students will be invited to attend the program. They will design and make a Venetian Mask. They will also create a self assessment rubrics chart.

The Art Room has an open door policy. If you would like to come along and observe the students or help out you are most welcome (a WWC certificate would be required).


Sally Fay and Rodney Wyatt