Physical Education

Term Three


Term Three in Physical Education is jam packed with sporting activities and opportunities.


Foundation to Year Two students will again continue to work on fundamental movement skills with a focus on jumping, hopping, skipping, leaping and balancing. These skills will be undertaken in small groups rotating through different activity work stations. We are also looking at improving our aerobic stamina and coordination by introducing some jump rope sessions.


Year 3 to 6 are gearing up to participate in athletic and basketball competitions at an intra-school and inter-school level.  The students are currently working on their athletic techniques to help improve their performance and recording their achievements in running, throwing and jumping during physical education sessions.


All year levels have started working on their jump rope skills.  We are aiming to improve our fitness and coordination with sustained skipping and learning some jump rope tricks.  For Year 3-6 students, we have 4 jump rope challenges involving sustained skipping that the students will work their way through. The Year 5-6’s will choreograph a jump rope routine that showcases the tricks they will be practising. This will be presented to the class.



Sarah Deveny & Rod Wyatt