Physical Education

Term Four


Delivering a fun, inclusive and challenging sporting program over the last 18 months has certainly tested our creative capabilities and tested the students’ resilience. As we enter the final term of 2021, we have our fingers crossed that we will soon be able to deliver our sporting program face to face with the students.


Years 3-6 this term will hopefully participate in games and activities associated with various bat sports. The unit is made up of skill appropriate games and activities that build on each other and develop the ability to understand and play cricket, teeball and softball.  As we have been in a remote learning situation for much of the year, there will also be a strong focus on team building activities.


Also, during Term 4, we will be running a Perceptual Motor Skills Program (PMP) with the F-2 students. It is a program designed to enable students to develop their skills in movement by combining the use of their senses and fine motor skills. This development will help improve their ability to play a range of sports that they will undertake during their primary school years and beyond. Students will be placed into small groups and will rotate through a series of different activities. These activities will include developing skills in running, hopping, skipping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, bowling, spinning and sliding. These students have had the opportunity to experience this program in fits and starts this year, the lockdowns severely hampering its progress.


When we have the opportunity to be face to face with the F-2 students, we will aim to introduce “bat and ball” games such as cricket to help them become familiar with the equipment as well as playing sporting games as a team instead of solo activities.


Regards from your Physical Education Teachers,

Sarah Deveny and Rod Wyatt