Physical Education

Congratulations to Byrne - winning house for the 2019 school swimming carnival. Ciara S and Cody H, Byrne house captains were presented with the perpetual shield at assembly (15th Feb). Our two swimming champions - Taylor D (Junior) and Cody H (Senior) were presented with their trophies also at assembly.



Term Two in Physical Education is off to a flying start! This term is jam packed with many opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sporting activities. Firstly, on Friday 24th May (our new date due to inclement weather) we have a large contingent of Year 3 to 6 students representing the school at District Cross Country. We spent most of Term One working increasing our running stamina in preparation for our own school Cross Country event as well as this one. This is a great opportunity for our avid runners to go out and shine!

Foundation students continue to work on fundamental movement skills with a focus on throwing, jumping, hopping, skipping, leaping and balancing while participating in organised games and activities. We have been having some fun with these skills while participating in mini Athletic sessions.

Years 2-6 have been participating in some Athletic sessions this term in preparation for our School Athletic Carnival later this term or early next term, a date that is very much determined by the weather! This year we are not heading out to Casey Fields for our carnival. We will be having a much lower key event using our own facilities.

I have again been able to secure a grant this term through a government initiative called Sporting Schools. With this grant, students across all year levels will be participating in Net, Set, Go, a program introducing and developing Netball skills. This is a great way for students to experience Netball and to improve their ball handling and game sense. Students in Years 5 and 6 will also be able to participate in a Volleyball program later this term. These grants also allow me to purchase new equipment appropriate to running these programs.

Year 5/6 Inter-school sport is happening again this term. The sports on offer have changed to AFL Football, Netball and Soccer. This gives the students an opportunity to try out and develop skills in a variety of popular sports. We have two more sessions of Inter-School sport to go, we will be playing against Officer Primary School and Chairo Christian School in the coming weeks. These sessions lead into a Lightning Premiership Day where all teams will compete against eight other schools in a round robin format.

Sarah Deveny